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Sportsmans Warehouse online sees sustained demand

Sportsmans Warehouse has seen an increase in online sales during the lockdown period.


An anticipated spike after the first phase of lockdown was lifted has ushered in a sustained period of increased sales. In the words of one of the team’s courier partners: “The increase in online traffic has surprised on the upside.” While software systems proved robust, the challenge was to rapidly increase real-world logistics and operational capacity while ensuring safe working practices for staff and dealing with lockdown restrictions.


“It took two weeks to build a sense of normality,” says Johan Strydom, e-Commerce Executive. “Apart from dealing with couriers stretched to capacity, we had to double the size of our customer care department in order to accommodate additional queries that couldn’t be handled by store staff. We love customers coming into our stores, but we’ve learnt a tremendous amount from this accelerated push to online. We have, in the last few months, reached the point in our online growth which we expected to reach in two to three years’ time.” While demand for team-sports equipment has predictably waned, sales of running, cycling and home-exercise equipment have increased significantly.

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